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Logo Optimization

Logo optimization examples

WilliB's, like many small businesses, regularly designs its own print and online advertising material. Unfortunately, their logo wasn't optimized for all the different types of materials they produce. That means they often had to resize and recolor their logo files. The result? Fuzzy, pixelated, unprofessional ads.

Together, we identified the most common type and size of logos they need: small/large; transparent background/white background/reversed colors; and .jpg/.png.

Now they have everything they need to support their branding efforts.

Photographic Localization

Photographic localiztion

Stock photography has its place, but not at Boise Rescue Mission Ministries. They have been serving the Treasure Valley's homeless for more than 60 years. They want their donors and the people they help to know just how committed they are to the local area. That means using "real" pictures of "real" people and places.

I know it can be difficult to take a picture that professionally represents your location, services, staff, and clients. Common problems: cluttered backgrounds, distracting items, stray hairs, and blemishes. Whether you take the picture or I do, we can come up with imagery you can be proud of.

Product Photography

Product photography

How can you help your online customers select scented soaps and lotions if they can't touch or smell them? You improve the visual. Boise Bees & Blossoms sells artisan body products online. Their latest soaps are not only full of organic, healthy ingredients—they are beautiful.

We used a lightbox to highlight colors and textures, and to soften shadows on their new line of Beer Soaps. Because Boise Bees has such a professional online presence, regional retailers were confident that Boise Bees would be a credible partner. Over the past year, Boise Bees has expanded their market from local distributors to national chains. Don't underestimate the power of a good photo.